Venus Fly Cat – A Limerick

Once there was a cat from outer space, That trimmed its whiskers and covered its face. On each stormy day, Venus would say, ‘Oh! How I miss my race!’

Covid – A Haiku

Stifling vaccine noon – A quick corona cackle whilst watching the death

It Seems

It seems like the sky is melting,It seems like the heart of the clouds is opening up,It seems like the rain drop on his forehead is revitalizing,It seems like the most alive moment he has ever witnessed,It seems like he just smoked weed.

Leafy Haiku

The floating maple-Raining dry foliage, click!But, it’s spring! What? How?

DevRup Discuss Gita…

Dev: Hey Yajnarup! I’m Dev. Nice to meet you. I was told that you give a nice overview of The Bhagavad Gita in a short span. Can we have a quick chat? Yajnarup: Hello Dev, nice meeting you too. Call me Rup. I don’t know where you heard that but yeah I can paraphrase what…

Shershaah: Salute 🎖🎖🎖

When it comes to films based on the Indian Army, I’m a little choosy as it’s quite difficult to get all the elements right. Director Vishnuvardhan, take a bow! The way he constructed each scene with fast-paced and exhilarating screenplay was magical. It’s a complete no-nonsense laminar flow with powerful goose pimple inducing dialogues. Also,…

#Clouded Thoughts

Now then, nature inspires me to derive meaning from the finer aspects of life:Ever noticed how when the clouds turn dark and messy, they collide with each other and end up weeping? But, when they’re bright and peaceful, they lighten up everything around them. Doesn’t it apply to us as well? Just give it a…

What am I?

What have I become?Something I’ve never imagined.What am I writing?Something I’ve never witnessed.What am I picturing? Something I’ve never seen. What am I asking? Something I’ve never received. What am I conveying? Something I’ve just thought of.- TeeKay


He was born blind,She was born with a gift. He could sometimes see people in the dark,She could hear the thoughts of animals. His mind painted intricate pictures,Her gift made her an excellent veterinarian.He saw his grandfather for a whole day last year, She had a visitor (client) with a patient.His grandfather expired that night,The…


Two tiny floral buds grew,Upon two plants, glittering with dew.Swayed along with the breeze,Stayed together through thunder and freeze.One fine morning they bloomed,Connected to each other’s aura, given the time consumed.Melting in their little world,Discovered that they belonged to each other,Blossomed together and lived for one another.- Tk